Tomasz Janiczek JavaScript Developer

Currently used stack

ES7 Javascript, React with Redux, Ramda, GraphQL with Apollo Client, Node.js with Express, Python with Django.


Creating websites compliant with WCAG 2.0 AA standard. Delivering products adhering to government regulations regarding accessibility for both US and Scotland’s governments.


Working with websites translated into 8 languages. Coding templates working with LTR and RTL systems, adaptive to four different alphabets (Latin, Thai, Arabic & Cyrillic).

Code quality & testing

Using TDD and BDD approaches with Jest and Mocha/Karma/Sinon/Chai. End-to-end tests with Ghost Inspector. Monitoring with Sentry. Conducting code reviews, refactoring & leading pair programming.


JavaScript frameworks: React, Redux, Angular 1 and Backbone. CSS frameworks: Foundation, Bootstrap.


Version control with Git. Build with Webpack & Babel, Parcel, Gulp. CI with Heroku, Travis, Jenkins.